Handwriting Certification 301

So you want to go straight to becoming a Certified Handwriting Analyst and Grapho-Therapist? CONGRATULATIONS!

I am an Authorized Mentor, Certified Handwriting Analyst, Grapho-Therapist and part of the Founding Membership of Handwriting University, I am here to help you complete the certification.

I started at 9 years old loving this ability and used this science in many ways throughout my life, including hiring my children’s nanny.

But something was missing. I wanted to have a Certification in this skill.

I found Handwriting University in 2008, signed up with the 101 Class first… back then it was nothing like it has been upgraded today online… but it was wonderful. Now if you want to go straight to Certification, sign up below! $2000 will get you the basics. If you want me to be your mentor along the way, the package is $3000. I highly recommend it.

…and I have never looked back. What a great feeling to know that this science is transferrable in so many skills through even as much as knowing Signatures! And too… Relationships, sales, hiring, and grapho-theraphy.

I also took Bart Baggett’s successful PRISM Life Design Program which teaches, along with handwriting being a gift with this program if you are certified, but not necessary – but if you are, the amazing “marriage” of other skills that go with it.

I completed the PRISM Life Design Program segments and online classes twice actually, but my one last thing to do is complete the final test. I really don’t like final tests. I am sure many of you agree. But… Bart is making sure that I don’t give up.

I won’t…

But I have one big desire to complete before I go back.

p.s. The pen is a Promotional Pen with yzq.50c.myftpupload.com on it. Always have something someone doesn’t want to throw out. It also symbolizes the first year I joined up with Handwriting University.

At this time, until next month, I am completing my Mastery 501 Handwriting Certification Program first. It will make me stand out because it is at this time not very common that someone can complete this level of Certification. It will make me stand out, and become a better PRISM Graduate.

I WILL go back to my PRISM Life Design program and complete it then with more to offer to my clients and students.

Three more clients and a verbal test are what I have left. Scary? Yes. Worth it? Yes. Worth every part of my investment.

A quick to The PRISM Life Design Program, it intrigued me so much because it does very much bring NLP, Time Line Therapy, Handwriting, Coaching Techniques and so much more, together in a very unique way all in one program. And too? So much support. They have weekly POD sessions. It’s been a life-changer for me, even if I am not yet a graduate.

The beautiful thing about Handwriting University is it also provides you with a very close community and so many people you meet that help you through the programs. My favorite ad I did is below – WHAT IF? Because this is where I started learning that first question and finding the answer. In the 101 Course. If you have already become interested in a big way? Contact me. I would recommend going straight to 301. And if you give me the code ADVCOLLAB, I can give you substantial savings.

But if not ready yet for the financial commitment? START HERE! Or email me if you want to discuss payment plans.

Join our community. Start now!

We look forward to seeing you as a part of our community. And by the way? The first picture with Bart was in Chicago when I got Certified. The second one was in Tucson. Yes, we do get together. As soon as COVID19 is done, I am sure you will see us out there again. In the meantime, our ONLINE community is thriving!

Start NOW. $2000 will get you started with your Certification in Handwriting!

Have more questions? Please email me at laurieann@yzq.50c.myftpupload.com