“LaurieAnn has the compassion to be able to help people through some difficult moments and encourage them through her energy and optimism.

She listens and engages with you, making you feel at ease sharing your challenges and emotions.  With her you know she is constantly seeking a way to guide you through by helping you, yourself, find the right solutions that work for you.

She is clearly genuine and her passion for helping others is defined in her commitment in providing the building blocks for others’ success through guidance and provision of reference materials and helpful tools which help with, not only daily awareness, but how to comfortably target lifetime goals.”

Brendon Morrison

“I really enjoyed the sessions I had with Laurie Ann Campbell. She took me through a PRISM assessment where we talked about all aspects of my life and then she went deeply in those areas that I needed to change. She helped me understand my negative belief system and understand why there was no progress in certain areas in my life. She did an analysis of my handwriting in an accurate way showing me what are the weaknesses and strengths in my personality.

She is a person with a contagious enthusiasm, great sense of humor, and a wonderful listener. I had a great experience with her from start to finish.

I would recommend her to anyone looking for an intuitive, sincere, and deeply passionate coach.”

Paula A. Faccio, AG, Accredited Geneologist, Handwriting Analyst/Grapho-Therapist

Thank you so much for your insightful and life altering prism assessment and handwriting analysis! 

It helped me realize my greatest strengths and also points of improvement! 

Now I can actually live a fuller life without the fear of failure or success! And I’m moving forward in life in the right direction and constant improvement to better myself! 

Thank you for being a great life coach, I’m sure you’ll be helping many other as well in realizing their full potential and being able to fulfil and achieve what they strive to achieve! 

Kindest regards, 


“LaurieAnn is a great coach!  She is warm, friendly and easy to talk to; a great listener.  All the while, she was firm at keeping me accountable for my personal tasks and goals.  That is an awesome combination. I would ask for Laurie to coach me again, and recommend her to friends.”

Carol Kurtz

” LaurieAnn  has  truly  mastered  the  Prism  Program.  I  am  grateful  for  her  help  as  my  quality  of  life  has improved.  She  has  been  very  resourceful  in  giving  insightful  feedback.  She’s  very  funny  and  I  have enjoyed  my  time  getting  to  know  LaurieAnn.  I  would  strongly  recommend  her  Prism  Service.”

Nicole Morrison, Professional Photographer

“LaurieAnn has a beautiful way about her as she leads you through the process which makes working with her a delight. She provides thought provoking insight in just the perfect combination of patience, compassion, accountability and honesty. I would recommend her in a heartbeat for anyone desiring to break through anything holding them back and ready to achieve life goals you may have thought to be unattainable.  With LaurieAnn’s coaching those can now be completely achievable.” 

Kim Barnard

” LaurieAnn is an encouraging member of the PRISM Life Design Coaching Program.  She is efficient in her delivery of my Life Design Assessments, and I enjoy the times we use to catch up on our advancements.  It is nice to work with someone who values the same outcome as I do.  LaurieAnn has also helped me to rephrase potential toxic vocabulary.  I definetely recommend her as a PRISM Life Design Coach.”

Thanks LaurieAnn.

Charles Devries