That Gal With That Guy Podcast

I am so excited about coming together with Roy Miller “I Am That Guy” to my “I Am That Gal” as we move forward with “How We See It” on YouTube and Podcast. This is really fun because Roy and I have opposite views, but also the same views. So looking forward to this new venture!! Welcome my friend to a new fun project.

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That Gal with That Guy

We will share here as well our YouTube ZOOM meetings in case you are not a PodCast fan. 🙂

Episode #1 Relationships – Opposites – But the love for first love never is opposite.

Episode #2 – Stress in the first 3 days of COVID19 Lockdown – Opposites – LaurieAnn is not feeling well with the stress, but reaches out to Roy who is!

Episode #3 – LaurieAnn is now over her COVID19 Stress – and sharing with Roy about Bulimia.

That Gal With That Guy about BOOMERS versus GENEXers

That Gal With That Guy Part 2 – BOOMERS and GENEXers versus those born in 1900 – Perspective

That Gal With That Guy – An Evening with Doris Parenno – Breast Cancer Survivor

Amazing Interview with Thomas Fraser – Education and his Candid sharing of the wonderful Sugar Release Program he created in the Provincial Correctional Institution!

Thank you Jacqui Iwu for your inspiring story on empowering agriculture in Africa.

Thank you Terri Jones for your great story about teaching students about Alexa and the wonderful story about their wanting to help people with mental health issues!

Amazing information about Quantum Health with Dr. Cook and George Wright. What an insight!!

Having problems getting back on track after the COVID19 Isolation and being too close to the fridge and not close enough to a gym? Rodney DeFreitas and Sosan Hua share their expertise to “get back on track and stay there”.

With Rodney DeFreitas and Sosan Hua on Exercise and Nutrition – no diets. Learn to have a healthy relationship with exercise and food.

Such a great Interview with Mark Breslin – sharing his beginning journey and how he founded Yuk Yuks and today with COVID19 where they are. Comedians NEED AN AUDIENCE.

Thank your Dr. Daniel Pearson for your view on Anxiety!

Luanga Nuwame, what a great talk about games, board games and cardboard swimming pools! You are so talented and creative. Great books too!

That Gal With That Guy with Bruce Wedding About Copywriting and Life Coach Changes

That Gal With That Guy with Aaron Konow about TikTok and New Directions

That Gal With That Guy with Cristian Jr Hauser about Transformation and ups and downs of Entrepeneurship