Comprehensive Compatibility Report

Are you thinking of dating someone? Are you considering getting married? Are you working with someone and are having difficulties getting along? Are you a Manager thinking of hiring someone? Are you sure if you are compatible? For $250USD you can receive valuable information to ascertain whether or not you are.

This is the page where you get the information about how to receive a Comprehensive Compatibility Report by me, LaurieAnn, Masters Certified Handwriting Analyst and Grapho-therapist (First in Canada and Third in the US).

Beyond this, you will also learn about yourself!

Handwriting comprises of neurons that are directly connected from your brain to your hand. I won’t go into great detail here, and truly the final report will speak for itself.

What do I need from you and the person you choose to have this report done with? Here it is:

  • A full page letter to me in cursive (if you don’t like writing in cursive, do your best. I don’t judge on style. It means nothing to me.)
  • Write in blue ball point pen
  • Sign the letter at the end (this is optional, but does speak volumes to how a person presents themselves to the world outside).
  • On the page, please include your name PRINTED and too your email address.
  • Please mail your letter along with your coupon to: LaurieAnn Campbell, 72 Martin Street, Milton, Ontario Canada L9T 2R2.

I will confirm with you when I receive your letter either by email or by mail, and give you an estimated time for delivering you your report.

If you do have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me at