The G.A.L. Plan© “Get A Life”

Welcome to the G.A.L. Plan© – “Get A Life” You Want and Deserve!

When you sign up for this plan, the initial step will be an assessment you fill out which has two purposes. A) To get to know where you are in life and what needs the most direction and B) If I am the right person to assist in you successfully reaching your destination.

The second step, if the first one is a go, is to meet via ZOOM or in person, depending on your preference and/or geography. This too will confirm the B) in the first step. One of the most important things when searching for assistance is feeling a connection with the person you are working with. If that is not there, then the odds of completion are lowered. I do not take it as an insult if someone says to me “I just don’t click with you”, or “seriously, I don’t like how you look”. 🙂 This is an important journey and it is imperative you DO like who you are going to be seeing for the next three months or more.

The third step is to go through the G.A.L. Plan© Builder. I truly believe everyone is at a different stage in life, so it will matter what we start with, where we start the journey, what the speed of progress we take, and how often we choose to meet.

The amount you pay will depend on all these specifications, but just to give you an idea, I have listed some examples below.


The GAL © “Get A Life” You Want introductory offer:

  1. Assessment and Meet Up $0 – One hour complimentary
  2. G.A.L. Plan© building session – 2 hours
  3. G.A.L. Plan© implementation – 3-month program
  4. Meetings twice a week for 1 hour
  5. Workbooks – online download $0

TOTAL: $7500 $5000


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