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I am LaurieAnn, the creator and author of Hampy which was self-published, and the creator of my co-authored book with Robert Wall, Make Up Not Required, soon to be released.

Join me and my team, Roy and Sumit, to help guide you to become an author as well! You can do it by yourself, or collaborate on existing projects we presently have available that reduces the costs significantly and the work you need to do, but allows you to let people know YOU are a published author.

You can join the “Get Your Book Done Program” by signing up below and get started for $2800USD if you want to be a sole author.

OR YOU CAN SIGN UP TO JOIN ONE OF OUR PROJECTS listed below as we work on them with a group of 10 authors for a $500 investment, which includes advertising, amazon listings, and a joint marketing strategy.


Chocolate Chip CookiesComfort Foods and Death Bed Wishes by Roy Miller and contributors.

Pick your chapter, or create your own. Outline for the book is in Word format downloadable below:

Psychotic LoveThe book of Delusion by LaurieAnn and Donella Campbell and contributors

To sign up for the full program independently at $2800 USD please click on the Paypal below. If you would like to pay by Credit Card, please contact us in the form below, as we are registered with Square as well to accept M/C or Visa. Sign up NOW and you get a FREE book cover creation, valued at $299USD

If you would like to participate in the joint ventures, please fill out the form below specifying which one you are interested in for us to contact you. Thank you!

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