LIFT Your Story with Sammi Kate Founder of Intuition Alchemy

Sammi shares how her journey in founding the Intuition Alchemy came from deep deep heartbreak and a deep understanding of what it means to not listen to your intuition.  She said the program helps to recognize intuition as our innate superpower.   She worked with an Indigenous Native American Elder Ron Interpreter, and they created a four-week program of the intuitive process.

Sammi says she is now launching a three-month program to help people come to a sense of depletion to come to recognize their own truth, to integrate everything, and take action.

Sammi shared that her heartbreak came from ignoring her intuition and dating a guy, and realizing that her intuition had been correct.  She used to work in music festivals and events and wanted to move to Nevada City.  In the midst of that is when she met the guy, and said it was one of the hardest relationships she had ever been in.  She did say that the relationship taught her what it was like to step over her intuition.  She said she had to lose herself to find herself.

She is now committed to helping others.

You can find Sammi on Instagram @light.eyes and on Facebook at Sammi Kate or by email at weavingwriters@gmail.com.

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