LIFT Your Story with Kimberley Coyle Owner of Kim Coyle Content On Public Relations and Content Creation

What is Public Relations? 

We had a great conversation with Kimberley, who answered that question.

Kimberley and I (LaurieAnn) met on Instagram.  I was interested in what she was doing, because being a writer, and having a passion for it, I was intrigued by someone who was working towards building her business in Public Relations and also from my Town.

Kimberley shares that she was laid off from her job as  Public Relations Specialist for an Agricultural company.  As COVID hit, she decided to start out on her own.  It was an impressive tactic, not because of taking advantage of the time allotted due to COVID, as many out there have done; it is because she knew her niche going into her new venture.  This is something most new entrepreneurs struggle with or are not even aware of the importance of.  Starting the business was not about offering her business expertise to just anyone.  She is focussing on the agricultural community because that is what she knows best.  And she knows it well.

Kimberley does emphasize that she is absolutely capable of providing her service in any industry, knowing her talent for writing, and relationship building, and learning about her clients to tell “their story”, however, her passion is in agriculture.  She also states that having lived in several countries brings even more credibility to her knowledge in this field.

We had a bit of fun speaking to the pride of having the longest Mayor in office in Canada in Milton, Ontario, and the value of being involved with the Milton Chamber of Commerce and other networking organizations to help build the connections.

You can reach Kimberley by visiting her site https://www.kimcoylecontent.com

More about Kimberley:

“For as long as I can remember, I have been passionate about communications and storytelling. It was evident that my future should focus on spreading awareness of people’s stories and their positive messages.

Since receiving my Public Relations diploma from Conestoga College, I have worked in public relations/communications departments, primarily in the agricultural sector. It was there that I was fortunate to hone my skills and tell the stories of the hardworking individuals throughout the supply chain who ensure our food safely reaches our plates.  

After accumulating 10+ years of experience in this sector (8 of those being at Ontario Pork), I branched out in 2019 to begin a freelance communications career. It was rewarding to diversify my skills to write for food production companies and the audio-visual industry, as well as present in schools. In July 2020, I decided to take the leap and launch my own business Kim Coyle Content Creation.

I believe it is important to never stop learning and I continue to expand my knowledge through workshops, webinars, and courses. I was a member of the Eastern Canadian Farm Writers Federation for 11 years and was on their Board of Directors from 2015-2017.”

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