LIFT Your Story with Emma-Jane Taylor Author, Speaker, & Founder of The Works Company and Activist Against Child Sexual Abuse

Emma-Jane brings awareness to a very important subject:  Child Sex Abuse Awareness

Although a touchy subject, Emma-Jane, having been a victim of child sex abuse, at 44 she realized it was something she needed to share and now is actively working to bring more awareness.

Emma-Jane said in the seventies, it was silenced.  She shares that it took years to heal.  It is not something that is not healed with “just a pill”.   Along with sharing her story, and writing her second book, she is launching a charity for Child Sex Abuse called 90/10, to help children to live their lives as children.

In Emma-Jane’s research, she is also interviewing child sex offenders to learn more.  She is also doing 12 challenges over the next 12 months.  She shares with us what those are.

She said, “I decided to go all-in” to make a difference.

We discussed that victims can often “feel alone”, and there can be a feeling of shame that goes along with the experience, which then keeps them from reaching out for help.

What a wonderful initiative.  As Emma-Jane explains, it’s not a subject we want to hear about.  From the two year old that was trafficked out by her mother, to why her mother was a junky, what upbringing causes this?  And the upbringing of the offender?   She is really reaching deep into finding out more about learned behavior and how can we educate, help and direct them to stop this.  Educating early about relationships, and helping them to open up in having “the difficult conversations”.

This is a very compelling Podcast.   Thank you Emma-Jane.

You can find out more about Emma-Jane, and reach out to her at www.emmajanetaylor.life

More about Emma-Jane:

Emma-Jane is an activist focused on reducing child sex abuse. She is the voice for many hearts across the world. She is not afraid to speak out on the subjects that many people find taboo.

*Recent press

Professionally, she is the CEO ofThe Works Company, the Author of Don’t Hold Back, Keynote Speaker, Personal Development Mentor.

She supports many charities and is an Ambassador for Smart Works Reading, Riverside Counselling, Berkshire Community Foundation and World Jenny’s Day. In 2021 she was one of the many volunteers who were honoured with a Queen’s Award for Voluntary Services for her Ambassador role with Smart Works Reading.
Don’t Hold Back
By Emma-Jane Taylor

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