LIFT Your Story with Elzie Flenard, Business Leader, Entrepreneur, Singer and Podcaster

Elzie said his background in music helped with learning about podcasting.  He had the skills for technology and marketing which were transferrable.  He did say what he didn’t anticipate was the speed of growth of podcasting.

Elzie has two podcasts.  Enterprise Now was the show that started as a radio show, then became a podcast.  He said he retired it for a while and now has revived it.  It is for business owners and entrepreneurs.  Podcast Town Throwdown is about growth in podcasting.  He said that he pokes fun at his guests and his guests poke fun at him in the latter one.

When asked about his entrepreneurial background, we found out that Elzie is quite diverse!  He said he was a janitor, cleaned the bottom of barges, pulled carpets out of hotels, worked in fast food, worked in engineering before he started and then he owned a music label, a minor league basketball team, a podcasting agency.  He says his bio says “Don’t put me in a box.”  He jokes about how he can clean your bathroom and design you a control system.  🙂

Asked about his success he attributes it to being crazy enough to believe he can do it.

You can find Elzie at https://www.elzieflenard.com and https://www.podcasttown.net

More about Elzie:
Podcast Town founder, Elzie Flenard (The MAYOR ) started Podcast Town to help folks find their “voice” among the noise. Through podcasting, he has helped and continues to help partners turn that voice into a powerful, long-tail marketing tool.

Core values are E-M-I-T, which means;

To Educate: educating new and existing business owners 

  • To Motivate: motivating and encouraging improvement and growth
  • To Inspire: inspiring entrepreneurs to innovate and create
  • To Transform: transforming mindsets and driving thought leadership

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