LIFT Your Story with Danny Brassell, Author, Speaker, Coach & Results Leader on Literacy

Reading.  You can love it, or hate it.  Or learn to love it.

Danny Brassell quips about being “Jim Carey with a Ph.D.” and too that he didn’t like to read as a child and today he is a Reading Ambassador.  He said his Dad was a librarian, and you need to listen to hear his great definition of what he thought a library was to him.

In time he realized how blessed he was having the tools around him to be able to help others to find a passion to read.

He shares that reading doesn’t have to be what education “tells” you to read, that there are a lot of definitions of reading.  He says he believes there is no illiteracy, there are just different degrees of literacy.  “The bigger problem out there is what I call a-literacy, which means you choose not to read,” he says.  Those are times when as a child you label yourself as perhaps, not being able to read, and hence choose not to. 

Danny explains that it’s not what you read, what matters is how much you read.  He says he has never met an effective leader that is not an avid reader and shares that audiobooks count too.

So much information that is inspiring about the value of reading, and broadening the choices of what to read such as; read about what you love, what you can connect with.

A truly wonderful “story” about how to learn to love to read.  Danny is fun, informative, and inspiring.  A great teacher and author to inspire reading.

Ebooks or physical books?  Another fun story about that choice.

You can connect with Danny at www.freereadingtraining.com  where you can get a complimentary copy of  “Lead, Read, and Succeed” and there are resources for parents to share with their children, to make sure they don’t feel intimidated by reading, even if they are struggling.  Instead, it will excite people to read.

More about Dr. Danny Brassell – and we love how sweet and short he made his bio, yet there is so much more to him :):

A highly-sought-after speaker, trainer, and coach known as “Jim Carrey with a Ph.D.,”
Dr. Danny Brassell has spoken to over 3,500 audiences worldwide and authored 16
books, including his latest, Leadership Begins with Motivation. He is the co-founder
of www.theREADINGhabit.com, the world’s top reading engagement program.

Dare To Differentiate & Other Books
By Dr. Danny Brassell on learning how to love reading and leadership

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