LIFT Your Story with Trav Bell The World’s #1 Bucket List Expert

Introducing Trav, or Travis, Bell.  At the time of our podcast he did state that he was from the future.  Yes, that is right.  Because his time zone put him into our tomorrow.

Truly a please to chat with Travis about his book and about the bucket list.  One take away is that you don’t have to travel to have one.

Funny, engaging, and full of information about more than just one bucket list. 

You will truly enjoy what he shares.

For more information and to purchase his book, go to https://www.thebucketlistguy.com.

More about Travis:

Someone first called me The Bucket List Guy about eight years ago. It was because of all the crazy and interesting things I’d done in my life up until then.

See, from the age of eighteen – well before Bucket Lists were a ‘thing’ – I’ve written a ‘To Do Before I Die List’. Today, as a forty (something) year-old guy, thanks to The Bucket List movie and the popularity of the concept, they certainly are now. It’s a heavily hashtagged and tweeted global phenomenon.

My Bucket List is my reason why I attack life. It’s always been my compass, my motivation. It continues to give me purpose and bring meaning into my life. Ignorantly, I thought everyone had a written list like me… apparently not.

But it’s more than just being about me and my list. I’ve dedicated my life to helping others wake up and live theirs before it’s too late.

It stretches beyond a simple list. It’s a philosophy for life founded on current positive psychology principles. I’m proud to say that our global tribe of Bucket Listers live with more purpose, meaning and fulfilment.

I continue to spread this idea via my Keynote Speaking, my Podcast, my Blog, and I’ve ticked ‘Do A TEDx Talk’ off my Bucket List too!

My vision? To create a purposely fulfilled world. My mission? To help 10 million people lead purposely fulfilled lives. Big call, I know! But with the help of my global network of Certified Bucket List Coaches we are focused and on track.

Knowing that there are many more lives to positively impact gets us out of bed in the morning.
My Bucket List Blueprint
by Travis Bell

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