LIFT Your Story with Simon Vincze on Managing and Leading Responsible Online Casino Gambling

This is not the De Vincze code.  This is about online gambling.  🙂

What an interesting time we had chatting with Šimon.  (Note enunciation is “Shee-mo-ne”)

We were intrigued by the gambling industry, however before our notes move forward, even more intrigued that “Simon” let people speak his name in the North American style, and now is going back to his roots of how it should be enunciated, which is opposite of many of our guests!

Moving forward, Šimon opened our eyes to information we did not have much knowledge of as non-gamblers, however interesting sharing of regulations regarding online gambling.

We are sure you will find this fascinating.

You can find out more about Šimon’s business at https://casino.guru/

More about Šimon:

We at Casino Guru approach gambling from global perspective. Our responsible gambling projects are unique in essence as they are looking at online casinos from bigger picture. This applies for self-exclusion in particular. Most people are familiar with the notion, but very few realize how tricky player’s journey can be when trying to exclude from accessible online gambling sites. Being able to connect to casinos from around the world sets significant challenges to be overcome for single jurisdiction self-exclusion possibilities. Global Self-exclusion initiative project is addressing these issues and trying to solve them. The initial part of the project is about opening discussions on the subject which can enrich podcast listeners and make them think. Casino Guru Academy is another project with global perspective with goal to increase standards for supporting online casino players. Project aims to also bring fairness to casino’s customer approach. Most people are not aware about predatory rules and other unfair treatment that unreliable casinos are trying to “justifiably” rob their players. Academy project is trying to fight this from global position as well.

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