LIFT Your Story with Sharyn and Hank Yuloff Small Business Coaches and Authors

We had such a great time with Sharyn and Hank!  Great and vibrant couple. 

LaurieAnn was quite happy to hear that they had another name for “avatar”,  which of course Roy found amusing, knowing that she is not a fan of the term “avatar”.

So Sharyn and Hank’s version of “avatar” is a Harriet.  You have to listen to find out why!

Sharyn and Hank make it clear that they are SMALL business coaches.  They share with us the value of what they bring to their clients.

This is truly a fun and full of information podcast episode.  A must for any small business to listen to.

You can find Sharyn and Hank at www.yuloffcreative.com.  And if you listen to the full podcast, at the end, Hank shares some free gifts.  However, you must listen to it until the end. 🙂

Sharyn and Hank also have several books they have authored.  One is to the right of this with a link called Partners In Everything: Your Couples’ Guide to Running a Successful Business Without Ruining Your Life.  

The other books are all available with links on their website.

More about Sharyn and Hank Yuloff:

Hank and Sharyn Yuloff bring a very unique perspective to clients who wish to have their marketing efforts reach new focus.

Hank is a targeted marketing tactician with a background in advertising and public relations who has helped small businesses get bigger for over 35 years.

Sharyn’s path went through the business affairs and human resources departments and has become an online marketing expert.

Their company, Yuloff Creative Marketing Solutions, offers complete traditional and technological marketing plans for small companies who never thought they could afford a Chief Marketing Officer.

The couple teach several small business breakthrough bootcamp intensives each year for small groups of businesses as well as work two-on-one in person and virtually with owners of small businesses.

They are authors of six best-selling business books, with two more scheduled within 24 months.

The couple hosted 243 episodes of a radio program, called “The Marketing Checklist,” and appear as the marketing experts in a yet-to-be-released entrepreneurial video series featuring Brian Tracy called Live Your List.

As tools for small business owners to increase revenue and profits, the Yuloffs created a hybrid ‘Do-It-Yourself plus private coaching’ marketing program called The Small Business Marketing Plan and offer free coaching at HowToGetThereFaster.com
Partners In Everything
Couples’ Guide to Running a Successful Business Without Ruining Your Life by Hank and Sharyn Yuloff

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