LIFT Your Story with Sarah St John Host of The Frugalpreneur Podcast and Author

Sarah has created a very interesting “brand” with her books and Podcast.  The “preneur series” came about from her first book entitled the “Frugalpreneur”.  From there she started her Podcast by same name, and wrote two more books entitled “authorpreneur” and another “podcastpreneur”.

As Sarah learns something she writes about it.  Which is amazing because the people who read her books know that Sarah has walked the walk.

From photographer, she moved into online businesses.  She has an amazing background on how many she has started.  Her latest success was in the Travel Industry which, as we know, had a hit with COVID.  However, she didn’t give up and now she is thriving in her business which she has a passion for.

This is a must listen to for anyone who is working towards a career online.  Sarah shares many gold nuggets!  And Sarah, although she did try many online businesses in her past, she was FRUGAL, unlike many of us who spent thousands hoping for that return on investment and never got it.

Sarah is kind enough to give her pdf versions of her books for free at https://thesarahstjohn.com/free or you can get a hardcopy on Amazon.

You can reach Sarah at  https://thesarahstjohn.com 

More about Sarah:

I am an entrepreneur, podcaster, author, animal lover, and world traveler. I’ve created several startups throughout my entrepreneurial career of over a decade.

Through my books, blog, and podcast, my goal is to show people how to launch and manage an online business on a budget.

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