LIFT Your Story with Peter George Public Speaking Coach Who Overcame Stuttering

Overcoming stuttering, and being quiet and having a hard time communicating. 

These are challenges that Peter overcame.  He read books, however he said it didn’t give him feedback so he went on to groups and one on one coaching.

Peter said the better he could present, the faster his company grew.

Peter speaks to simplifying so that people could relate.

“Back in the day” in the 60’s Peter shared the story about his teacher in room 102.  She said “stand there and repeat after me”.  At 9 years old he had tears and yet he pushed through it.  Although he says today there may be different ways to deal with it, he admits that it may have helped. 

This is really compelling.  We may think we have challenges, however this story is amazing.  Peter learned to overcome these challenges with a positive attitude and the ability to be compassionate with others who may have other “limitations”.  Peter says it’s not what he talks about, however the odd time he is asked to include his challenges in his speeches and he agrees that he does have people come up and speak to him about how he inspired them.

Beautiful story about his father who was a firefighter who passed at the age of 30.  He says he can’t help people like his Dad did, however he can in a different way.  To hear more about this beautiful story, please listen to this Podcast.

Peter says “If you don’t prep, you lose them” and  “public speaking is a three legged stool; it’s the message, the voice and the body language, and you drop any one of those and the message itself takes a hit”.  He says it doesn’t destroy it, even if you can carry it through.

You can reach Peter at www.petergeorgepublicspeaking.com.  You can sign up for more than 50 free public speaking tips.  And Peter is also willing to help out with any questions by reaching out to him.

More about Peter:

Peter believes that everyone should be able to confidently share their knowledge and

As a public speaking coach and trainer, he specializes in helping executives, attorneys,
entrepreneurs, and professional speakers be calm, confident, and credible® every time
they speak in public — whether they’re presenting in meetings, appearing in court, or
speaking on stage.

Throughout his childhood, Peter dealt with a lisp and a stutter. Consequently, he grew
up shy and introverted, avoiding communicating with others as much as possible.
When he got into the business world, he quickly realized that his lack of presentation
skills kept him at a disadvantage. After seeking help, he now credits his public speaking
coaches for much of his business success.

Over the past 17 years, Peter has helped professionals from around the corner to those in
Fortune 100 companies develop into speakers who understand how to craft and deliver
presentations that engage, persuade, and inspire, ultimately helping them increase their
impact, influence, and income.
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