LIFT Your Story with Joey Dumont Known As Joey Somebody – A Self Proclaimed Recovered Douche Bag

Joey shares a beautiful story of going from victim to victorious, in an interactive and even implementing humor!

His childhood changed him, and he made a promise to break a chain.  And he did.

Inspiring story of someone who “grew up” in one sense, and learned about the beauty of being “present” for his children and finding a child-like fascination when he took the time to not only be present for his children, but for his love of his life and himself too.

You can learn more about Joey and get his book “Joey Somebody:  The Life And Times of A Recovery Douche Bag” at https://www.joeydumont.com/joeysomebody

More about Joey:

My name is Joey, and I am a recovering douchebag. 

 I’ve lived an amazing life. I’ve traveled the world on someone else’s dime, enjoyed a college-degree-level career without a degree, and became one of many peacocking urban males populating major coastal cities, fancy office buildings, convention centers, hotel lobbies, bars, and restaurants. 

Oh, yes. I was as pathetic as you’re probably imagining.

I was deploying fashion, discourse, athletics, and other personas to manage a public appearance of physicality, status, expertise, and productivity. 

 After all, when a man looks good and speaks well, little else matters, right? 

 I became adept at avoiding accountability and hard labor and was quickly seated at society’s table by acting as a light source of optimism, a form of entertainment, a visual, an acoustic, a conversation piece…a storyteller. 

 I was living the life everyone coveted, and I knew it. I was even jealous of me at times.

 However, within every insecure and arrogant male resides a scared little boy demanding attention. And If I was ever going to experience the true fullness of life, a shift was needed. My pretentious parade would have to end.

 You see, I managed to marry a woman who saw beyond my façade and was the catalyst to my recovery. When we started a family, she had no intention of raising our two boys alongside another little boy. I had no choice but to retool. It was time to grow up, sit on a therapist’s couch for eight years, and evolve for my family. I finally dared to deal with my chronic anxiety, episodic depression, and other neuroses I was too ashamed to admit.

 And then…I wrote about it.
Joey Somebody:
The Life and Times of a Recovering Douchebag by Joey Dumont

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