LIFT Your Story with Gunther Mueller and Gail Kingsbury about United Tiny Home Company

Are you interested in owning a Tiny Home?  GREAT!

However, do you know the scope of restrictions, and requirements to own one?

We were so pleased to have Gunther Mueller and Gail Kingsbury discussing this information in this Podcast.  Both Gunther and Gail are very accomplished entrepreneurs moving into this world.

We know that this podcast is imperative to listen to if you are thinking about joining the Tiny Home Community!

You can find more information on this at www.unitedtinyhome.com.

More about Gunther Mueller and Gail Kingsbury:


Optimal (Physical & Mental) Health Strategist, Gunther Mueller, has spent the better part of the last decade working closely with over 300 medical professionals, in a variety of specialties, assisting them in bringing life-changing therapies to their patients that help them Feel Young, Healthy, and Vibrant again.

Gunther enjoys living in Anthem, AZ and loves to Ski (water and snow), kite surf, hike, bike, read, and experience the life he loves in the American Southwest.

Today, Gunther is extremely excited to be sharing the revolutionary Magnetic Mind Method that is taking the personal development movement by storm so that his clients can learn how to turn “Thoughts Into Things” and become Conscious Creators so that they also can live a life that they absolutely LOVE!

Gunther has been personally mentored by Chris Duncan, the creator of the Magnetic Mind Method, and is certified to assist others in learning how to magically manifest a life that they love in all aspects.


After working with Brian, she went to work with Tony Robbins and coordinated his Certification event — 2 weeks in Maui managing hundreds of people. She even walked on fire with Tony in 1990. She went on to coordinate many other Robbins’ events, including the well-known Financial Destiny now called Financial Mastery.

Next, she worked with Robert Allen at the peak of his real estate events and became a master at event marketing. Through these seminars, she met Jay Abraham and Harry Pickens, was introduced to Gary Halbert’s newsletter and eventually started her own speaker bureau and marketing company.

She sold her company and moved to Central Oregon to be a mom and relax a little bit but stopping was just not in her blood. A few years later she was back at it working with T. Harv Eker to help him launch his first book “Secrets of the Millionaire Mind.” The book hit #1 on NY Times, Wall Street Journal and USA Today in its first week out.

Today, 30+ years in business including Hospitality, Personal Development, Sales, Marketing and more, she has been the force behind some of the largest brands in personal development and has taken that passion and created United Tiny Homes. A company dedicated to bringing affordable housing and conscious communities together.
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