Bleep Bulimia Episode 43 with Mark Hattas, Mental Health Advocate, Entrepreneur and Author

What a great conversation with Mark.  I never knew much about “mania” and it was intriguing to hear his story.

And it goes on to his beautiful sharing of finding his imagination when telling stories to his stories, which then propelled him into writing his book Prisoner of War, which has just been released!!  He received an insight about the title.  It’s about a very huge massive worldwide pandemic in Mental Health set in the future.  He said it takes you on a journey of two ways it can be resolved.

As a Mental Health Advocate, Mark found his passion in sharing resources for people who struggle and offers a 16 week program.

Listen learn more about this amazing person who is envisioning “a world where people are liberated from mental illness and live extraordinary lives”.

You can reach Mark at www.markhattas.com and you can get his book at www.markhattas.com/prisoner-of-war-book where he will give it to you for a donation that go towards a Mental Health Conference in October.  Learn more about that at https://youtu.be/VWczYOnSQO0

More about Mark Hattas:

Mark Hattas has, amongst other accomplishments, started, built and sold a $20M/yr tech company. He was later diagnosed with Bipolar I Disorder and told there was no cure.  Mark didn’t accept that prognosis and found resources and the path to his full restoration to health. 

Mark now supports others on their journeys to sustaining living in their optimal state consistently.  He is doing this through books, speaking, mentoring, programs and companies, including co-founding Hattas Shay International Foundation, which birthed  Journey’s Dream. Mark also co-created the Optimal Being program used by companies individuals to learn and practice tools and principles in support of optimal living. Mark envisions a world where people are liberated from mental illness and live extraordinary lives.

Mark is an international best selling author and will be publishing Prisoner of War on August 14th, a fictional story rooted in truths to spread hope to individuals and loved ones affected by mental health challenges.

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Prisoner of War by Mark Hattas
About a huge massive Pandemic of Mental Health set in the future. He is asking for Donations.

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