LIFT Your Story with Katrina Roddy Best Selling Author, Entrepreneur Coach and Owner of The Corporate Breakup

Wonderful information about transferring your skills that you learned while working for Corporate into your new Entrepreneurial world.

Katrina shares her story of working for a Corporate Insurance Company to becoming a coach and helping others transition into become an entrepreneur and realizing their strength that are applicable through this change.

There is a shift in mindset from going from employee to becoming an entrepreneur.  You have to learn that it’s not a vacation.  “You were a high performer”, and that has to transfer into your daily routine, however you are in charge of doing this.  No one is going to tell you what to do.

Truly an eye opening discussion.

You can find out more about Katrina and her business The Corporate Breakup at https://www.thecorporatebreakup.com and on social media @kroddy65.

The link for her book “Steal Your SKILLS from Corporate” is also available by clicking the link here to the right, or on Amazon.

More about Katrina:

Chicago Illinois native, Katrina Roddy worked 30 years in Corporate
Insurance before being laid off. It was at that moment when she chose
to take her acquired skills in corporate and created her own career as
an Author/Entrepreneur Coach. This best-selling author “Steal your
SKILLS from Corporate”  will coach you through the mindset it takes
transition from employee status to becoming the CEO of your life as a
new entrepreneur!
Steal Your Skills From Corporate
Book by Katrina Roddy

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