LIFT Your Story with Robert Wall International Speak, Best Selling Author and Professional Business Consultant

We met Robert in 2019.  We have to say that he is a big part of bringing us together.

We, LaurieAnn and Roy, met in the Advanced Branding Collaborative Mastermind Group that Robert invited us to.  It was there that the series on Podcasts that was put on by, me, Roy, and serious interest was from, me, LaurieAnn, lead us to creating this Podcast!!

Full circle, and we are so happy to have Robert here sharing HIS story.  There is so much more, as he says, to his story.  Robert is a good friend, a person who cares, a person who has struggled through vulnerable situations that he shares, and a person of faith.

From focusing on business, to realizing the need to find what really mattered to you, where you were at the start, and that is starting all over again, in a sense. 

Robert equates COVID to more than just the virus.  It was about self-awareness.

Enjoy the podcast and to reach Robert go to https://robertmaxwallyoucanbook.me and there you can find a free ebook and a free consultation.  You can also reach him by email at rwall@krwgroup.com

More about Robert Wall:

Robert Max Wall is an International Speaker, the #1 Best Selling Author of “Light at the End of the Funnel 2”, “Ready-Mind Set-GO!”, “Chameleon”, “Makeup Not Required” and “1 Habit To Thrive in a Post-Covid World”. He has been a professional business consultant, coach and owner of businesses for over 24 years.

He has provided his services to a multitude of businesses, ranging from franchise development, family owned businesses, to consulting/training for Fortune 500 companies.

Over the past few years, Robert started transitioning from traditional consulting to helping his clients launch their businesses and increasing their exposure by personally branding themselves online. “You see, YOU are the brand way before your business is”. He is an expert at mindset, tapping into one’s true passion, while creating a plan to help monetize that calling.

Robert proudly calls Greenville South Carolina his home, residing with his wife and 3 ½ children, is originally from Michigan, has traveled globally in his service with the United States Air Force and continues his passion of travel, “I’m captivated by people, culture, good food/drink and GREAT STORY”

Although he holds his BBA, he credits his success with the entrepreneurial journey he has endured for over two decades. Aside from working diligently for and with his clients, students and business partners, Robert is a musician, a diverse vocalist and speaks nationally regarding subjects on Business, Mindset, Branding, Sales, and the development of Masterminds.

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