LIFT Your Story with Mike Acker Executive & Communication Coach, Keynote Speaker & Best Selling Author

What  an opening story!  And the information in this podcast! 

Mike’s book has 500 reviews on Amazon and keeps getting more.  Why?  Because it touches people. 

Mike hit a lot of points that LaurieAnn related too.  The biggest one is his story about taking his son and initiating him in a sport.  How he dealt with the connection and finding “that person”  is truly how many adults feel and need to learn how to “find that person” when they first walk in a room, or join a club, or stand before an audience.  Find someone “who needs you”.  Create a relationship.

BRILLIANT and so relatable. 

I, LaurieAnn, will write my thoughts, which I don’t often do, however need to here.  Today I needed to hear Mike’s words.  I understood and learned a lot, however interestingly enough it brought me back to speaking to a crowd as a child and it was simple for me.  I felt it was so much easier than speaking one on one.  I was always the narrator to any school plays, since I was 8 right through to Junior High.  I never got the lead roles I wanted.  Perhaps that was because it was my strength? 

The feelings came back.  As a child I wasn’t afraid.  As an adult going before a crowd after not doing it since 2003, I might feel the butterflies not in a row.  Like ducks.

And his answer for me was.  The weights.  Listen to hear that analogy.  I am sure you will relate.  Where do you hold your weights?

So much shared.  Thank you Mike!!

More about Mike and how to contact him:

Mike Acker is an executive and communication coach, a keynote speaker, and the author of four books  including the bestselling Speak With No Fear, which has appeared on numerous booklists even getting  designated as the #1 book on overcoming fear of speaking on Forbes.com. 

Mike passionately coaches business professionals to lead and speak with confidence. In presentations, he  entertains and inspires audiences using stories of growing up as the son to drug smugglers who turned  missionaries. He retells and relates lessons learned on how to overcome insecurity and exclusion in a cross cultural setting. And he unpacks the path from employee to manager to leader.  

Mike also enjoys rock-climbing, wake surfing, skiing, church, building Legos with his son, and going on dates  with his wife, Taylor. Mike believes in the power of prayer, exercise, journaling, and real community to  counter the stresses of everyday life. You can find out more at MikeAcker.com 

TOPICS: Confidence in leadership and speaking, goal achievement, mindset,  and personal transformation. 

WEBSITE: MikeAcker.com 



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