LIFT Your Story with Karen Paul Holmes Poet & Freelance Writer

Karen shares openly about her divorce after 30 years and moving from her corporate world of freelance writing to moving to her passion of “story telling” poetry.  She definitely does light up when speaking to this subject.

She said that her poetry on divorce helped her process her grief, and the second on was about grieving her parents.  However, the grieving is also to share good stories and humor.

Even in divorce, she said, there is a combination of emotions, and people relate to this,  and she said that men related too, not just women.

Karen does believe that reading poetry is important and kindly did so in this episode, two of her poems.

We appreciate the value of poetry and thank Karen for sharing.

You can find Karen’s books on Amazon and Barnes & Noble and can find out more by going to http://www.karenpaulholmes.com

More about Karen:

Karen Paul Holmes is a poet and freelance business writer. She has had poems featured by Garrison Keillor on The Writer’s Almanac and Tracy K. Smith on her podcast, The Slowdown. Her books are No Such Thing as Distance (Terrapin, 2018) and Untying the Knot (Aldrich Press, 2014). She has also had poems published in nearly 100 journals and anthologies. A freelance writer and workshop leader, she loves to do poetry readings and talk about writing.

Poet David Kirby says of her latest book, “Like a circus aerialist who makes us gasp one moment and laugh the next, the poet takes us from her immigrant father’s Macedonian roots to her own maturity, to the life of a woman who is smart and well-read yet knows her way around a Coney Island hot dog and finds the attentions of a drunk cowboy oddly flattering.”

Karen has also been a VP-Communications at a global financial services company and is now a freelance writer for Fortune 500 companies. Her business writing has appeared in many industry publications, and she has been a popular speaker at international business communicators conferences.
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