LIFT Your Story with Chelle Johnson Career Resilience Consultant & Strategist

Chelle speaks to the fear of future events becoming real.  She said she had to get over self-imposed obstacles.  She now tells her story with pride.

We spoke to the challenges women had integrating in a “man’s world”, and the changes over time.  Chelle said that there is a need to evolve and have confidence and overcome, as women, the limiting beliefs, and letting go of the feeling of disassociation and intimidation of the “bro culture”. 

Chelle said it is very difficult to overcome the challenges and shares that she does have an 8 week program to help women through this.  However, she said, you have to be coachable and willing to overcome the negativity.

Her program is not limited to women and also helps men.  She shares her story about an army officer she assisted in overcoming his own limiting beliefs to build a stronger team.

Thank you, Chelle, for being a guest and sharing this.

You can reach out to Chelle at https://www.bestyoucareeradvantage.com

More about Chelle:

Chelle is a first-generation college graduate that grew up with limiting beliefs, fear, and dysfunction.  Through faith, resilience, grit and determination, she held executive leadership roles in Fortune 50 companies such as: Comcast, Lockheed Martin, Quest Diagnostics and Honeywell.  She lived and worked in Asia, Latin America, has an MBA, and speaks Spanish and English.  She now helps high achievers and diversity allies amplify their awesome and have abundance in their career and life.

Chelle is a career ally, change maker, and positive mental fitness authority that helps people be their best.  She loves helping people get crystal clear on who they are and what they want, and building courage and confidence so that they can live abundantly.  She is known for coaching and guiding people to listen to their inner wisdom, take risks, build their bravery and have the courage to seek their best life.

Chelle is an energetic, fun, thoughtful, creative and authentic speaker, and is not afraid to laugh at herself.  Listeners have benefited from her speaking engagements by learning from her courageous stories, understanding how to boost and amplify their connection to themselves and others, and how positive mental fitness is the key to their success. 
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