LIFT Your Story with Romina M Founder of Six 7 Radius & Host of Coffee With Romina Podcast

What an amazing journey Romina shares of her moving to the United States from Albania at the age of 17.

Her persistance is to be commended, and we enjoyed hearing about her ambitions, her determination, her language barriers that she overcame, and her business.

A sweet story about her love for her new “home”, the United States, and how she celebrates it every year.  She did share with us what she did last year.  Can you guess?

To hear the reveal, listen to this episode with Romina.

You can find out more about Romina Muhametaj, her podcast “Coffee With Romina” and her business at https://www.connectwithromina.com and at www.six7radius.com

More about Romina:

Romina Muhametaj is the founder of Six 7 Radius and the host of Coffee with Romina (aka RM Podcast FL). At the same time, she holds the President Chair for FSCJ-SHRM Student Chapter. Recently Romina launched NE FL Negotiation Club.

Six 7 Radius LLC., is a consulting firm that helps companies grow by building one of a kind marketing strategies & sales techniques. With the right guidance, the company can succeed no matter the external environmental factors. Romina helps her clients by overseeing their PR presence making sure the company’s culture is well represented, teaching negotiation skills to increase sales and revenue, as well as building long-term successful processes for the company. She comes from a sales and marketing background where she worked on B2C and B2B campaigns as a marketing project manager and sales leader.

​Her most recent partnership was with American Negotiation Institute, a well-respected organization. Her partnership along with Ohio Dominican University, Otterbein University, The Ohio State University Moritz College Law, and DC Davis Graduate School of management were able to bring an international webinar of 4 sessions helping professionals on Virtual Negotiation and Conflict Resolution Summit.

She loves HOPE theory, Help One Person Every day. Life is too boring when you enjoy your success by yourself so you share it with others.

 Even though Romina has a packed schedule she finds joy on her cross-country road trips. She has visited 26 states so far and brings back with her new life lessons from every state she goes. Reading, organizing big family gatherings, and cooking are some of her few favorite hobbies.

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