LIFT Your Story with Rachel West Founder & Personal Growth Coach for Empowering Growth

What insight on the mind Rachel shared with us.  Did you know your brain takes in 90000 and apparently 80000 are negative thoughts or things we don’t want to happen.  And it will only retain 5 to 9 of those things and discard the rest. 

From this to learning behaviors, NLP and Time Line Therapy, we shared our thoughts on these and Rachel explained to us the techniques she uses to help her clients become empowered and growth – breaking their limiting beliefs.

Rachel shared her own story, from graphic designer to coach, and her reasons for choosing to become a Certified Domestic Violence Victims Advocate. 

Insightful and educational.  Thank you, Rachel.

You can reach Rachel at www.empoweringgrowthcoach.com.

More about Rachel West:

Rachel West is a Personal Growth Coach, Certified Trainer, Breakthrough Expert, Speaker, Best Selling Author and the Founder of Empowering Growth. She is a certified Master Neuro-Linguistic Programming and Master Time Line Therapy Practitioner. She volunteers at Safe House in Las Vegas and is a Certified Domestic Violence Victims Advocate. Rachel is passionate about helping individuals ready to transform themselves to transform their life by helping identify what holds them back in the areas of life they struggle with the most. She helps broaden their perspectives and understands first-hand how releasing negative mental, emotional and behavioral programming helps one feel, hear and see new possibilities while focusing this new mindset and tool set to get results at a much higher level.

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