LIFT Your Story with Manuel Santana Relationship Coach and Author of Secrets of The Guy Code

When asked, Manuel explained that his reason for becoming a dating coach started when he was young and observing human behavior and taking notes when girls would break up with him.

When he got older, five years ago, he decided to write a book, and in trying to find a title he also started a matchmaking company called Meet To Keep Matchmaker Services based out of Miami.   After some time he realized matchmaking was like washing your hands and putting your hands in the dirt.  He explained that asking to be matched may be why you are single to begin with.  So he decided to coach, because he wanted to help others learn what they may be doing wrong.  Hence becoming a relationship coach. 

His book ended up being titled “Secrets of The Guy Code: The Balance of Power”, as it was written by a guy.  He wanted to help people understand why they couldn’t find a match.  He figured the title would get people fired up, and even have some guys fear that he may be making them look bad.  Manuel says it isn’t that at all, it’s about being yourself.  He spoke to the saying “being out of your league” and he believes matching is based more on emotional and compatibility matching instead of focussing only on the physical aspects.

Manuel shares that he is 6 feet tall and 220 lbs,  and used to be a football player, so he is perceived often as looking like an alpha male, however admits that he is not, and prefers to have a more emotional and intimate relationship.  He also pointed out that alphas are not all men.  There are women that are alphas as well.  Not all women or men are what the stereotype makes them out to be.  There are so many combinations, the point is to find the one that is right and creates the ideal compatibility for two people together.

You can find Manuel @iammannysantana on social media, via email at contact@mannysantana.com, or visit his website www.mannysantana.com.  Manuel is also going to be offering a Master Class.  He said make sure to follow him on Social Media for more information, or keep an eye on www.secretsoftheguycode.com.

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