LIFT Your Story with Kuda Biza Entrepreneur Author Speaker and Philanthropist

It all started over the love of icecream.  Kuda was 9 years old and he asked his mother for ice cream money.  His mother denied him the money because he had been a bit “naughty” that day.  He realized that if he had his own money, he would not have to rely on his mother.  He noticed his neighbor’s windows were dirty, so he decided to get his mother’s cleaning supplies, walk over to the neighbor’s, and asked if they wanted their windows clean.  Clean Machine Services became his first company.

 The S.P.E.A.R. Method is Kuda’s book written after the loss of his sister to cancer.  It made him question if his sister was happy, or had she been chasing success.  This drove him to the conclusion that he needed to balance his life.  After interviewing self-made millionaires and successful athletes, along with his own story he realized there was a method to achieving this balance.  He goes on to explain the acronym:

 S – Seek your purpose
 P – Plan
 E – Execution
 A – Achieving
 R – Repeat

 Kuda is the Co-Founder & CMO of Nunbelievable, a mission-based goods company that donates meals for every box of cookies sold.  The company is backed by Tony Robbins, IdealabNY, and Loeb.nyc.  He explained that 42 million Americans suffer from poverty and hunger.  He himself , when he lived in Zimbabwe, experienced hunger, which inspired him to create this initiative.  Last year they fed over 300,000 people through their “one cookie, one meal” project.

 He believes that there is a shift to conscious consumerism and companies that will be moving towards being purpose-driven.  

 Kuda launched #ThisIsMyEra with his wife, Ruth.  The brand provides people with tools to help them accomplish their goals and a 90-day planner.   He says, why can’t you make your own era?  It has provided tens of thousands of school supplies to children in Zimbabwe.

 Kuda also founded the Amani Hope Foundation which helps to uplift and empower underprivileged children in Africa by providing scholarships.  They focus primarily on orphans and pay for their education to at least high school.  He explains “amani” means peace, hence the foundation is giving peace and hope to those they help.  His goal is to help one million children around the world as his legacy.

 You can reach Kuda at www.spearmethod.com.  On Instagram you can find him @kudaviza.  His book The S.P.E.A.R. Method is available on Amazon and on his site.

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