LIFT Your Story with Jennifer Jerald Two Time International Best Selling Author Musician Transformational Life Coach and Keynote Speaker

Jennifer lived through abuse, neglect, sexual assault, bullying (Jennifer is blind in one eye), hiding behind her weight (she reached 280 lbs as a youth), mental illness, divorce, bankruptcy, a suicide attempt, a near death car accident and 22 major surgeries.  In 2015 she was diagnosed with Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD), at which time she says her life came crashing down.

Her first book, Dare to Heal: Thriving with BPD, is about how she came up out of the downward spiral by living her best life, and chose to live forward instead of sitting still and giving up.

Jennifer explained that she had been seeking therapy for years without success.  One day a friend suggested she may be bi-polar.  She visited her counselor and asked why the tools were not working.  They did further tests and found out it wasn’t bi-polar; it was BPD.  She said the results made her feel the smallest she’s ever felt, deflated, depleted and invisible.  This was when she felt the world would be best “without this monster”. 

The incident of the failed attempt to take her life was a catalyst to the life-change.  She said she had the choice to remain in the car and die, or get out and start living.

Jennifer explains that BPD is very tricky, and very difficult on family.  Jennifer explains DBT (Dialetical Behavioral Therapy), which is about emotion regulation, has been a significant process in her healing.  Jennifer says she aspires to be the Spokesperson for BPD, because of the impact it has had on her and her passion of wanting to help others to transform.  The therapy is defined as an IOT, Intensive Outpatient Therapy, because of the level of intensity.

Jennifer shares about her taking up her passion for music.  She has taken up piano and guitar and now writing and singing her own songs and performing in public.   She is also helping others transform FEAR into F.O.C.U.S. as a transformational coach.

You can find out more about Jennifer’s journey at https://www.jenniferjerarld.com, where you can also get a free download a Step by Step Guide on How to Harness Fear and How to Transform it into FOCUS for Ultimate Emotional Success.  She is on Social Media @JenniferJerald and her books are available on Amazon.

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