LIFT Your Story with Gerardo Contreras Co-Founder and CMO of Remote Social

What an interesting idea – a way for colleagues to socialize online through a platform that is built for teams to come together and build strong connections. It provides a way to maintain a company culture, which Gerardo says is critical in retaining and attracting top talents.

They have everything from games (how it started), to simple interactions, and revolving into a “more robust offering”, such as cocktail making class, leadership session with experienced business coach, and such and are purchased online through third party connections.

Gerardo understands that the office atmosphere will not disappear, however it will change in the way it brings value.  In some cases, when people will be working from home part of the time, Remote Social will facilitate continued interactions.

Roy brought up the fact that some people, once COVID hit, didn’t realize how much they would miss their co-workers once forced to work from home.  Gerardo agrees that people took that for granted, and it was discussions such as these that drove his team to ensure those connections could be maintained, as well as the company culture.

Bringing up the subject of transition for those who will be returning to work, Gerardo stated that when everyone was forced to stay home to work, the interactions remained with the existing employees.  However, there are new people that have come onboard and some who have left during this time, and Remote Social is a catalyst in helping with these human resource transitions.

Gerardo is a co-founder, along with Mike and Jess, who all met together through Antler, an organization that brings people together looking to start their own business and with different backgrounds.    Each founder brings their strengths to the table, with Mike being the one who created the original idea for Remote Social.  Along with bringing people together, Antler also provides funding for those who successfully pitch their ideas.

The group at Remote Social is reaching out to organizational psychologists now to better understand company culture and how their platform framework can be developed further.

We also touched on bringing generations together across the board, and too those with physical challenges, now that we have the opportunity to work from home.

You can learn more about Remote Social and Gerardo through the website www.remotesocial.io

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