LIFT Your Story with Dr. B. EDM Musician, Theatre Producer, and Author

What a delightful chat with Dr. B.  We loved that he was wearing a mask to make sure we were not exposed to COVID.  Kidding.  This is due to the fact that it separates him from his ID which is being a medical student.  

Dr. B speaks to us about creating his own label.  Even beyond that he has a best selling comic book Elysium – The Holy War which is making into a Theatre production coming out in 2023.  Exciting information about his combination of music, dance and acting which he says is “different” and he hopes people like it.  You will learn more about his book and the combination he is going to be using here.

Along with this we speak to how social media has changed the landscape of music in aiding musicians, along with other “creative platforms” to expand through their own efforts.

We also share the influence he is having on his daughters.

Listen to find out about his fascinating journey and outlook…

You can find out more about Dr. Be on Instagram @i_am_dr._b

More about Dr. B.:

In early 2003, Dr. B began to work with super producers Cool & Dre, Tony Touch, Boogie Blind  (USA Champion) and reggae sensation Elephant Man. He has also produced with Swizz Beatz  and Just Blaze. In 2019, Dr. B released his first dance record independently. His debut solo  album, “I NEED A DR.” will be released in 2024. As if he needed more talent, Dr. B is currently  writing and producing a musical theatre show that will debut in the summer of 2023.  Currently untitled, the show will consist of a live orchestra, contemporary dance, ballet, trap  music and video/visual effects.  

With over 30 singles released in the past year and a half and over 10 thousand monthly  listeners on Spotify, Dr. B is a worldwide sensation. With fans from North America to Asia to  Europe, the Dr. B tour “I need a Doctor” is going to start in late 2022. Stay tuned and pay  attention. Dr. B is coming your way!

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