LIFT Your Story Podcast with Paul Glover No B S Work Performance Coach and Trusted Advisor

Paul says it as it is.  No B S.  

Author of Workquake, he spoke to the transition from the industrial age economy and what’s coming next.  The book is about the workplace, and how it needs to keep up with what is going on in the world around us.

Paul gives Millenials credit being the generation that asks “why?”.  He says that Baby Boomers were generally not enjoying their work, even if they did very well.  They worked to retire.  They worked in a WWII system.  

As the service industry started taking over, we had to step into it.  He explained that some companies will be forcing their employees back into the office, not because it is necessary, because they want to watch what they are doing.

The idea of maintaining control will not continue to work, particularly with Millenials and GenZ’s.

Paul’s book explains what needs to be done for the shift.  A high performance work team is important, and it doesn’t work for a “manager”.  

“We never fire the working dead”, says Paul.  We place them where they make the least damage.   It is said that it is hard to hire someone, yet Paul argues that it’s harder to fire someone.

Paul created a form that shows how to terminate employees with bad attitudes as well.  He claims there are a hundred ways to do it, even if employers quite often feel it is not doable.

You can find Paul at https://www.paulglovercoaching.com or on LinkedIn Paul Glover Coaching and his book Workquake is on Amazon.  

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