LIFT Your Story Emma B F Leadership Coach & Speaker For Women In Tech

Although the landscape is changing, there are still challenges that face women in “male dominated” industries.  Emma, having experienced this herself as the only woman in a leadership role, and a junior by 20 years, in a technology role, she shares her story about the first meeting she attended in that position.  It was not what she expected.

Emma coaches women, primarily in the tech industry, to build the confidence to be heard and respected and lead their teams.   She believes that levelling up, learning to take “criticism” properly without becoming defensive, and receiving feedback are important.

Emma is fun, engaging and we know you will enjoy listening to this episode!

You can reach Emma at www.emmabf.com, on LinkedIn, Instagram (where you can find dance moments as well) @emmabf

More about Emma B F:

Emma B-F is a speaker, trainer, and leadership coach for women in technology. 

She has a decade of experience in leadership and tech and speaks on international stages on topics including executive presence and courageous communication. She has worked with hundreds of women to maximize their confidence, accelerate their careers, and create massive impact. Through coaching programs, workshops, and speaking, she inspires and empower women to step into leadership and own their power. 

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