Bleep Bulimia Episode 15 with Sarah McMahon Poet Author Ultramarathoner and Recovered Bulimic

Sarah explains that her eating disorder behaviors started very young, around the age of 10.  She started restricting food at that time, however did not engage in bulimia until she was 18.

Sarah feels that being in a larger body size, even if it is not an overweight body, there is shame that comes from being picked on and bullied about it, which leads to not being able to deal with the shame in a healthy way.

With a lot of long distance runners being “lanky and thin”, Sarah was trying to make her body into something it wasn’t, trying to look more like others she felt were faster due to their smaller size.

After her injury, Sarah explained the loss of muscle and weight contributed further to the bulimia.

Sarah shares that her bulimia recovery started when she realized she needed help after opening up a box of diet pills, and weight reduction products she had ordered.  She went for help and admits that she was scared, yet she knew she needed the support.

Sarah did say that some athletes have given up their sport altogether due to an eating disorder, and it was important for her to recover to continue with hers, as her running was part of what defined her identity.  She runs trail races now and so she says “it doesn’t behoove” her to be more muscular.  She has come to learn how important food is, and the positive effects it has on the body and mind.

Sarah’s blog started about her bulimia, however she has expanded it to other stories now, including posts on mental health. 

We are both in agreement that bulimia can be fully overcomed and we don’t need to be victims to it.

Sarah’s blog can be found at www.theprosiest.com.  Sarah’s book on poerty, I Like It Because It’s Pink, can be purchased on Amazon.  Sarah is also working on her new book to be released soon.  You can also find Sarah on Instagram @mcmountain.

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