LIFT Your Story with Vamsi Pannala Virtual Summit Coach Podcaster Marketer and Entrepreneur

What is this “shiny object syndrome?”  Vamsi asked himself if it was some kind of disease?  He says that it is a disease and it is worse because it squeezes out your time which is valuable and your time, and put your efforts to absolutely no results.

After losing a job, it was a decision to figure out whether to get a job or become an entrepreneur.  He chose to try the latter.

He started as an affiliate marketer.  The time that was required to make money was too long.  He then looked into funnels.  He learned the fundamentals of funnels and after the seventh course he felt he didn’t have the programming mind to do that.  So his next step was in marketing consultation.  He brought in some of his knowledge from being in the carpet business and he did 66 days of online Facebook lives.  “This is what I wanted to do all my life” he said, having been in sales and marketing in the carpet world.  He question if he attracted the wrong crowd, the ones that wanted everything but had not budget.  So he stopped this.

He finally found a medical device that he decided to sell.  He started getting traction when March 2020 happened.  COVID.  This affected his business because it was a device that needed to be demonstrated in person.  So once again he had to pause.

His final one was building his social media agency.  Now he does say that during the time he was “chasing the shinny objects” he has no regrets.  He said during that time he had the opportunity to network with top earning entrepreneurs.  These influencers were more open to respond to their online fans on a one on one basis during this time.

So Vamsi thought about all the people who were losing their businesses and wondered if he could bring together the successful entrepreneurs together with them.  A place for people to watch the top earners and take a nuggett away from each.  His first thought was to bring 10 or 15 experts onboard.  He said no one told him how to do it.  He used his own experience and wrote a list of what was required.  Thus the Impact Marketing Summit was born.  It didn’t come together without struggles.  Afterall, there were money movement issues being in India.  His determination, however, drove him forth and in the end he had 35 experts agree to be involved.  Success.

You can reach Vamsi Pannala by visiting www.authorityentrepreneurs.com and by Googling his name.

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