LIFT Your Story with Sidney Clevinger Helping People To Attract Leads Online For Free

“Winning is when you reach out and let someone win first”, says Sidney Clevinger.  

Sidney told his wife he wanted to be a professional kid.  She didn’t quite support that so he decided to opt for being Super Sid.  Sidney believe that it’s important to “find your gift and give it away”.

It is with this philosophy that Sidney helps people organically attract leads and he does this for free.  He explains there are five prospecting channels, eaching building on the other.  What you need to do is surround yourself with people who need your help.  People like you.  Generally, if you are genuine, those are the people you will attract.  They will be the ones who like you and trust you.  “People do business with people, not profiles”. He emphasized that consistency and being present is key.  He also explained that people “buy to shrink time”.  If it took you three years to achieve something and learn a quicker solution to doing so, people will pay for your expertise in teaching them that quicker way.  “Shrinking time”.

Sidney does not like the word “potential”.  He said potential is not real, and people who love the word are falling in love with something that is not real.

You can find Sidney at www.successsecretsgroup.com.  He has daily shows to teach and inspire.

Sidney did share another very valuable asset.  Your smile.  He tells the tale of when he invested quite a sum to meet with a mentor.  Anticipating all this great information, he was suprised when the mentor asked “Are you happy?”.  Sidney responded “yes”.  The mentor then said “you may want to tell your face that.”  His session was about smiling, and Sidney agrees that a smile can indeed be a large part of success.

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