LIFT Your Story with Sarah Santacroce Founder of Gentle Busines Revolution

In our Podcast we didn’t really didn’t have the opportunity to touch on Sarah’s background, however we thought it was worth mentioning in these notes.

On her website sarahsantacroce.com, Sarah describes herself as ” I’m a Hippie turned Business Coach”  She goes on to share the following:  “I grew up in a peace & love environment called the Colombina, a community living experience co-owned by my parents and their friends. It was normal to me, but abnormal to everyone else.  I was taught early on that I was very privileged to be born in a society that has everything and that this privilege came with a responsibility: take care of our world and take care of those who are not as privileged as me.”

Sarah explains that the ‘gentle business revolution” is a call for more empathy and kindness in the business world.  We brought up the “guerilla marketing” and equated it to a “gorilla” in regards to the sounding the same and the “gorilla” being a very powerful animal, however, not equated to “kind and empathetic.”  Sarah says it should be a gentler animal sound.

Human connection is something that seems to have been slowly eliminated from the business world.  Through the time of COVID, people have had more time to be aware of the intrusive nature of those marketing.  The initiation of building a relationship has not been as apparent.

Sarah has a LinkedIn consulting business for over 12 years and trains them to build the personalized connection, yet still finds that there are competitors that have created a method of “mass” connections, which takes away from the “human aspect” of the messages.

We have to slow down, Sarah explains.  Everyone wants everything so fast these days.  We need to be gentle.

Sarah has a book that just came out called The Gentle Marketing Revolution available at https://sarahsantacroce.com/the-gentle-marketing-revolution-book/ .  For a signed copy you can contact Sarah on LinkedIn @SarahSantacroche.  You can also download a free 7Ps of Marketing and other free resources at https://sarahsantacroce.com/start-here/

For more information about Gentle Business Revolution visit https://sarahsantacroce.com/

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