LIFT Your Story with Sandra Colton-Medici Pro Dancer Turned Author Educator and Digital Strategist

Sandra’s first love is performing arts.  Actor, singer, dancer, she appeared on several Dancing with the Starts, So you think you can dance. Dance Moms and Rheanna.

She chuckles as she shares her trivia that she was the  first tap dancer and first kick off of the live show So You Think Can Dance.

Sandra began her acting career at nine years old, playing the little girl character to Lynn Whitfield on Johnny May Gibson FBI, a show about one of the first black FBI agents.

Adding to her list of achievements, Sandra is also an author, business owner and Podcast host.

Sandra’s first book, Book Me:  How To Become A Successful Working Dancer In Hollywood, included tips she learned having been in the industry to  help others have a leg up when they landed at LAX.  Sandra’s next book, Passion P.I.P.E.L.I.N.E., (an acronym), was a #1 hit on Amazon’s New Release List for One-Hour Slef-Help Short Reads on its debut date.  The book is 8 Chapters  for people who have more  than one passion and how to pull it all together.  She said that those who have several passions need to focus on what they do best and parlay it into a business.

As with many others, the pandemic had Sandra shift her focus from dance and fitness in- person classes to becoming a Digital Strategist.  Sandra received her Doctor of Education, with a specific emphasis on Organizational Change & Leadership from the University of Souther California, which allowed for greater expertise relating to her new business, Course Sweetener.  Sandra helps entrepreneurs create online courses, or helps those who have an online course find what may be a missing a component in their through-line to help their clients get from A to B.

Sandra’s podcast, Sweet Bytes with Sandra, features guests from the Academy of Motion Pictures Arts & Sciences, FOX Sports, Revelation, Bedside Reading, and more. 

You can reach Sandra at https://www.sandracoltonmedici.com,  https://www.collegeofstyle.com, on Twitter as  @sandracolton and on Facebook and Instragram @drsandracoltonmedici.

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