LIFT Your Story with Paul Gewuerz Founder of Made To Order Audio.com

Imagine you are trying to find a unique gift for a family member or a friend.  Even more so, imagine finding a gift for someone who is downsizing and “purging” items from their home, yet you want to give them something that lasts?  Paul has the answer.

Paul began his career working for a beer company for most of his 20’s before he decided he wanted something different.  His ventures of “false starts and failed ideas” led him to become a voice over and audiobook narrator.  After several years of working as a professional freelancer, Paul came upon an idea by chance.

It was his girlfriend’s birthday.  He wanted to give her something different and memorable.  He came up with the idea of doing a Podcast for her with tidbits of her life.  She was so taken by this, and so was her family that Paul decided to make this into a business, and hence Made To Order Audio was born.  Paul adjusted the “podcast” idea to become more like an “audible” book, which generally has  a 15 minute timespan.  This is to ensure the audience remains captive without losing them from run-on.

When asked if he had ideas to expand his business, Paul admits to have a black book his now wife gave him where he jots them all down.  One of them is to create the audible on vinyl.

What an amazing gift that is long lasting, doesn’t take any room (or little when it comes out in vinyl), and a legacy to be passed down from generation to generation.  We even discussed all the possibilities, all the special events.  There are no limits for this gift.

You can find Paul at www.madetoorderaudio.com  Paul advises that by signing up, there is a chance to get one giveaway on the first month.  Delivery is approximately 7 days.  As Paul states, this is not a last minute gift.  So please be sure to order ahead.  And make sure to check out his blog on his website.

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