LIFT Your Story with Jetty Influencer and Founder of TruJetty

What inspired Jetty to become an Influencer?

Jetty remembers wanting to be a model when she was younger.  She received her certification as a Make Up Artist while in the Neatherlands, and although she had her dreams to make it big, she always felt she was not “good enough”.

 “The people around me were always bigger,” Jetty says, that she always did things “small” due to that feeling.  This is a common perception women have.  Feeling small.  Thinking what we do is small.  It was part of her journey towards her today.  She says she no longer thinks small and now wants to go big.  Jetty shared that she struggled with bulimia and had lime disease for five years.  The latter, she explains, was an awakening in that she felt she had a second chance in life. 

From an online fitness coach, Jetty is now focussing on being an Influencer regarding empowerment and truth.  Hence the name of her business “TruJetty”.  She wants to speak the truth, stop being someone other than who she is just to please other people.  “It was hard to say ‘no’, but once you say it once, it gets easier.”  A “people pleaser” from youth, Jetty feels this was also a roadblock to success and realized it had to go.

Jetty spoke to her childhood as a daughter of a farmer and being bullied as the “stinky farm girl.”  It was a tough time, yet she smiles when she mentions the irony of marrying a “passionate farm boy” and that her 19 year old son is following his father’s footsteps with a desire to take over the family business once he has completed his education.

Jetty’s dream is to be on a specific television show back in her home country to show everyone that a farm girl can also be a fashionista.  A beautiful picture of her on a tractor with high heels is the perfect front cover for a magazine exuding her personality of “farm wife” and “model.”  You can Follow Jetty on Instagram at @trujetty  Be sure to also support Jetty in her pursuit of being the Ambassador of choice for Sephora.  A link is available on her Instagram to do so or you can click here TESTIMONIALS.  To subscribe to her newsletter visit click HERE.  You can also listen to Jetty’s interview with LaurieAnn on the Bleep (Midlife) Bulimia on Buzzsprout.

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