LIFT Your Story with Jacqueline Wales Author of the Fearless Factor and The Fearless Factor At Work

Jacqueline wrote the first Fearless Factor for women specifically at first to help them develop confidence and to speak up.  It was about her own journey of getting past fear, which she said she has had significant amounts of experience with.

From there she wrote The Fearless Factor at Work because when she was working with managers who were having difficulty with communicating with direct reports, having self-doubts about their ability to lead, to name a couple.  Jacqueline explains fearless is “not the absence of fear,  it’s the courage to take the next step.”  That is where most people fall down.

Jacqueline’s first 35 years of her life were fear-driven.  Poverty, disappointment and anger was redirected to the family, which created low self-esteem.  She left home at 16, which was fear-based.  She said during that time there was a lot of disaster, sharing some of her experiences with us.

The base of fear is “I’m not good enough”, Jacqueline explains.  She says her tag line is “be fearless and see (what happens)  where it gets you.”  We also spoke about strengths and weaknesses to which Jacqueline says “your greatest weakness is often your greatest strength misapplied”.

We shared about how influential parents can be in our younger age.  Jacqueline said we are engrained to see our parents as the authority.  As we get older we realize that parents are not necessarily wiser than anyone else.

Jacqueline shared 6 points in relation to what she learned in Martial Arts:

  1. Commitment
  2. Focus
  3. Discipline
  4. Follow through
  5. Consistency
  6. Perseverance

 She says these six things drive everything we do in life.

You can reach Jacqueline at https://www.thefearlessfactoratwork.com.  She also wrote a novel When The Crow Sings – which we will have Jacqueline back to share more about.  All her books are available on Amazon.

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