LIFT Your Story with David Giffen #1 Best Selling Author International Speaker and Coach

Author of Redemptive Trauma: Confession of a Defrocked Priest, David provides a lead up to why he wrote the book. 

He opens his story telling of when he slipped on black ice and went down and heard a pop.  He says “it was a moment that changed my life”.  David explains that he had been off alcohol for nine and a half years, was a very successful Anglican Priest and he was working at bridging a divide around those who identify as LGBTQ and those who were conservative Christians to find a common place to be a community together.  He was married and had his wonderful son who was four at the time and his life was going well.

During the healing stage of his injury he got hooked on oxycodone, and other drugs, and his life went “upside down”.  He lost his job, had entered into a relationship he said he shouldn’t have with someone who worked for him and his marriage ended.

In therapy and treatment, David started to write.  He says “I wrote my way out”.  He put his life together on paper and when he shared it with his friends, they said others needed to read it too.  Hence the birth of his book with a title that would catch people’s attention.

When people say “it’s for the Grace of God” David relates this statement to being one from someone living close to the edge.  He said the only way you get out of that is if there is a hand reaching out.   When it comes to mental health issues, be it therapists or family, it’s important to have that support.

David spoke about co-dependence, independence and inter-dependence.  He states it’s important to be inter-dependent where your life and the other people’s lives affect to each other and you work with one another.  None of us were meant to live alone.  He believes those connections are the primary antidote for mental health and addiction.

We discussed long time friends, how when your children meet them, they learn who you really are, outside of being a parent, and that they have people around they can trust.

As we moved along in the interview, David told us about his visit to Rome in 2013.  He was going for a course and his arrival happened to be on the same day as Pope Francis was appearing for the first time.  He was at St. Peter’s Square as the white smoke was rising, and three quarters of a million people appeared in the square.  He said it was incredible.

David is working on spirituality and mental health workshops and bringing together a group of speakers through his large network for his organization called 403LC (Leadership Collection).

To learn more about David visit  www.403LC.com and you can reach him on LinkedIn @David Giffen.

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