LIFT Your Story with Chris Chapman Founder and Host of the Next Level Minds

“I watched my father work 60 hour weeks, come home, make dinner, take maybe one vacation a  year.”  This was what inspired Chris at a young age to start asking questions.  He observed and took notes on those who were running their own business, driving nice cars and had time to spend doing what they liked.  The entrepreneurs.

Although Chris appeciated his father, he also knew there was more out there. 

At the age of 12, Chris began his entrepreneurial journey going door to door to ask to mow lawns to support himself financially.   His educational pursuit led him to graduating from Clemson University with a business and entrepreneurship major.

Upon graduation he became an Account Manager where he “streamlined relationships with hundreds of Fortune 500 clients.  Now an Executive Director for a firm making annual economic business intelligence reports, Chris is also the Founder of the Next Level Minds podcast and a Co-Founder of a mobile B2B travel app based out of Charleston, SC.

Chris’ passion for business is what led him to become a podcaster.  He interviews successful entrepreneurs, sharing the in-between of the A to Z.   We discussed the importance of relationship building.  As Chris states “it’s best to be a friend before a salesperson”.

Although Millenials have their share of criticism, Chris makes it clear that there are the ones that have given up, looking at the future economic landscape and feeling overwhelmed.  And then there are the “mover sand shakers”.  Chris is the latter. 

The truth is, there is not one generation where there haven’t been both of those.  However, with the Millenials now the new generation of entrepreneurs and business leaders, eyes are on them.   And it is those who are like Chris, who pay attention, take notes, have a passion and drive for what they are doing who will succeed and be the “Elon Musks” for the next generation to take notes on.

You can subscribe and listen to Chris’ podcast Next Level Minds at https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/next-level-minds/id1471727578

Chris is on Instagram at @chrischapchap and on LinkedIn @Chris Chapman.

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