LIFT Your Story with Bas Lebesque Executive Mindset Coach

Bas studied Hotel Management and started his career in the hospitality industry.  He wanted to do something not many others were doing.  He wanted to go where no one else was going. So when an opportunity to go to Shanghai came along, he took it.  This was in 1996 and the cultural change was quite eye opening.  He honoured his year contract, even though he had second thoughts when he counted the hours which came to 100 per week.

At the end of the year he returned home to Amsterdam and worked for two more years in Hotel Management.  However he realized he had not seen daylight during that time and he moved into the banking industry.  He moved from back office to the dealer room, and became a successful trader.

After ten years of trading, he came to a point when he reflected on his life.  He was 35.  At the age of 12 his mother had passed away from cancer at the age of 38, and he began to think of what he would do if he only had three more years to live.  He asked himself “what is a fulfilled life?”  He realized trading was not what was going to make him happy.

He began to connect with his purpose and what he truly desired, which took him ten years to get there.  Along with this transition he got rid of 75% of his “stuff” within a week.  He went into a consultancy job and living out of two suitcases, and realized that although he didn’t have a lot of furniture, he had a lot of “stuff”.  He said he had considered renting a storage space, however when he realized the cost per year, he said he was better to put it towards experiences.  We also discussed that the decluttering is liberating.  He says “the things you possess start to possess you.”  He said if you get rid of the box and put the stuff on your kitchen table, you will get rid of it at some point with no box to put it in.

Bas says that it’s not just about declutting your home.  It’s also about decluttering the mind.  He shares his own experience of speaking with his father.  Although it was hard work for him, he said he got his father back after that. 

When Bas came to understand his purpose, he was taught by several teachers, including Byron Katie, and did 300 hours of free coaching with fellow students.  He loved what he was doing and knew then he wanted to share what he had learned.  Bas began with lifestyle coaching, however he realized life improvement was not about the lifestyle, it was about something underneath.  That was what he wanted to focus on.  He moved into executive mindset coaching where he helps his clients transform with many aspects of their lives, with a focus on what works for the individual.  He believes in the foundation of sleep, energy, mental and physical fitness, and nutrition.  He doesn’t believe in diets.  Those who have lost weight with him have done so by creating balance in their lives.

You can find Bas at https://www.baslebesque.com and on LinkedIn @Bas Lebesque.  Bas offers a free first session and every three weeks he does a free workshop announced on LinkedIn around weight loss and how to balance your life to help lose weight and keep it off without dieting and punishing, which is not sustainable.

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