LIFT Your Story Celebrating our 100th episode and International Women’s Day with Colleen Biggs Founder of Leap Up For Women

We celebrated with Colleen not only having her as our guest on International Women’s Day, it’s also our 100th episode for LIFT Your Story.  It seems à propos considering Colleen is such an advocate for inspiring and lifting up women to be celebrating both of these with her.

Why Lead Up For Women?  Colleen explains for the first time that she felt she created it out of her feelings that she had in corporate how she was held in a box.  She felt a lot of places in her life she didn’t have a voice.  Even in her past growing up she said her voice was not heard either.  Although confident in what she did, she just couldn’t bring herself to stand out.

Colleen explains that if we don’t stand up for what we are about, you won’t be seen.

Once she began to do this, she created Lead Up For Women, which wasn’t geared towards entrepreneurial women at the onset, yet was noticed by this group and soon it moved into that direction.

Colleen spoke to the judgement and jealousy that can exists in groups of women and wanted to create a more supportive and collaborative environment.

Colleen also speaks about is how we can be powerful in our feminine energy, that you do not have to take on the masculine energy to be successful.  She provides all the platforms for women to stand on to be seen and be heard.

Colleen speaks to business plans don’t go as your plan is written.  She didn’t know how she was going to make money.  She took a leap of faith.  She also learned to ask for help, stating that this is a shift for women, this and learning to be quitters and learn to say no.

You can reach Colleen everywhere on social media by searching Lead Up For Women, at her website www.leadupforwomen.com where you can also download a free edition of her magazine or via email at info@leadupforwomen.com.

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