LIFT Your Story with Sandy Gross Functional Movement and Active Recovery Specialist

What is a Functional Movement and Active Recover Specialist you ask?  Sandy explains she started in yoga and teaching, has a journalism background, then started working in collegiate sports and the term yoga was intimidating to some athletes.  So with the expanded abilities she decided to change her title because she was much more than a yoga teacher.  She says there is a space in between fitness and an orthopedic surgeon and most things can be taken care of by yourself.  She teacheas someone to do more for themselves, even self-message.

She says it’s been particularly important during COVID.

Active recovery is the answer.   Movement oriented approach is what she takes to the table.   

Very interesting and unusual profession.  Thank you Sandy for sharing this with us.

You can find Sandy at www.movewelledhttp://www.movewelled.com.com.  She is also on Instagram @mobilitymama and on Twitter @sandygross.  You can also join up with her in her virtual studio.

More about Sandy from her website:

I design movement prep and recovery routines for sports teams, help companies upgrade their wellness programs and consult numerous individuals pre/during/post medical treatment to take better charge of their healing. My superpower is simplifying the complex. I also make things workable for your busy schedule and always relevant to your goals.

Here’s a bit about my background:

During my 30 & 40’s I (we) became a parent of 3 and pursued lots more education and became a yoga teacher. I also founded and operated Evolution Yoga School, one of the first yoga studios in Cleveland which became a nucleus in the midwest where yoga teachers, studio owners, fitness pros and sports coaches came to learn about mind/body practices. Yoga has also become complicated and has prioritized performance over functionality. My path has always leaned towards the functional. You’ll get more of a sense of this as you weave through my site.

Some of my clients have included the 2016 NBA Champion Cleveland Cavaliers, Kent State University’s 2017 MAC Men’s Basketball Champions, Kent State University’s 2015 MAC Women’s Soccer Champions, Notre Dame College’s 2017 D1AA Men’s Rugby National Champions, Cleveland Browns athletes, several high school and elite sports travel teams. In the corporate world, I’ve worked with several executives, teams, top doctors and other high level performers (Lady Gaga) and on David Copperfield’s private island retreat in the Bahamas. I also teach anatomy for several yoga studios teacher trainings and have my own online “virtual studio” that has a worldwide following.

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