LIFT Your Story with Daniel Hess Author Filmmaker and Poet

Although Daniel was considering being a pharmacist, it was soon clear to him that film making was where his passion really was.  A shift in career paths was made last minute as he signed up for his courses in College.  Today Daniel is living his dream, and with that he has also just published his book of Poetry called Just A Boy Blaming Himself.

Daniel was telling us that he was worried people would be apprehensive about some of the content, and instead he learned that there were people out there feeling and experiencing the same things.

Listen to the interesting project Daniel is working on!  The subject is about radio.  The angle?  You will have to listen to find out.  And we are sure, once you have listened, you will agree, this is a GREAT story to be told.

You can reach Daniel at  www.totonyproductions.com or on Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram (@totonyproductions),  and YouTube (To Tony Productions.

What Daniel says about himself.

In my career and personal life I have seen/experienced many things. When I am in the field filming no two days are the same and through working countless weddings, different businesses, and my own creative endeavors I have seen many folks from many different walks of life. A lot of my personal life over the course of the last 5 years has been poured into my poetry collection and much of the early praise of the work is how informative and cathartic this is to read through, especially those struggling with their own demons in life.”

A filmmaker and self published author in Baltimore, Maryland. I have been working in the creative, corporate, and event spaces of video production since 2009. Many of my life experiences have gone into my first book, a collection of poetry called “Just a Boy Blaming Himself,” in which I took an unfiltered look back at my life personally and professionally especially over the last five years. I am currently working on obtaining my Masters Degree in Film Studies and work with two separate production studios as well as a web marketing firm.

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