Our family has gone through a lot. We understand that we are not different from many other families who have as well.

Here is the main part, however, of this “story”.

We have found a WHY. My sister and I have collaborated and I want you to know she is one on my top list of strength and resilience.

Today we “celebrated” the life we were grateful for, and the anniversary of her daughter leaving this earth. Donella is strong in her convictions of needing to learn more about what her daughter suffered from.

I have come together with her to build on what we started in 2014 with a new vision of paying forward. Our Transcription Services. We agreed that we will ensure growing the awareness of Borderline Personality Disorder and Overdose Awareness, along with Sarcoma and Aphasia.

This has been a difficult day for us. I am grateful my sister and I are working together. As any parent would know, the loss of a child is beyond words. It’s hard to lose a parent, yes, but a parent losing a child is not suppose to happen.

Our WHY!! Today Our WHY is to keep going because that is what MacKenzie always said. “You’ve Got This”. We’ve got this… one day at a time.

This is our motivation. We are always dedicated, we will provide the best quality of delivery and customer service, all the while sharing our WHY.

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