LIFT Your Story with Jill Wright The Queen of Shine CEO of Executive Shine and Author

Shine.  For Jill Wright this means more than just what she is offering now.  How to make you shine.  Jill used to shine shoes!  You need to hear this story.  Best one is working in Washington and her contest after getting tired of looking at all the black socks.

Jill built this into a business, but more so she also built it into a way that she can help Executives learn the magic of connecting with others.

Jill, you do shine!!  Make sure you visit www.theshinegift.com to get your copy of the 7 Secrets to Authentic Connections!

Thank you!

LaurieAnn and Roy

More about Jill:

Jill is affectionately known as the Queen of Shine. She is a Heart Centered Leader and the CEO of Executive Shine. She is the  host of Executive Shine podcast where she recognizes leaders who are shining their excellence in their industry. She is recognized by both Forbes and Harvard Business Review for transforming the culture of client based services. As a best selling author, she shares her 33 years of experience to inspire other leaders to unleash the human potential within their organization. Through her speaking engagements and executive coaching, leaders joyfully find themselves defining their values and building a strong company culture with the power of belief and authentic connection. Her online course, [The Shine Principles] is available on December 20thI have also co authored 2 best selling books this year . The Codes of Longevity and 1 Habit for Entrepreneurial Success. I wrote about the Power of Human Connection and Always Adding Value and Judgement stops all Love.In addition  I am releasing my Shine Principles book in early January.I am passionate about supporting leaders in building concious service based culture . Based on my “SHINE” Love always Wins principles. I am inspired that you are also passionate about spreading love in the world and so I look forward to connecting with you and sharing stories!I was raised in a small town in Minnesota with that Midwest Integrity, Work Ethic and Authentic Love for people.  So,  I am on a crusade to see leaders shine by unleashing human potential through the power of belief and authentic connection. When I am not working you will find me at home riding my horses, relaxing with my family and my dogs at my ranch in Colorado.

BIO :  Jill Wright is an entrepreneur and CEO with 33 years’ experience leading Executive Shine, a national corporation recognized by Forbes and the Harvard Business Review.  Jill has expanded Executive Shine to multiple airports, built a team of over 100 professionals, all while transforming the culture of client based services through the development of unique talent, and the power of authentic connection.  Highlights of Jill’s expertise:

  • Founder and CEO: Executive Shine.
  • Speaker/Author:
    • “Soul to Sole, The art of authentic connection” – Corporate Speaker.
    • “Secret Power of Appreciation and Belief”- Corporate Speaker
    • “Business as a value delivery system” – Corporate Speaker and Guest on several business focused podcasts. 
    • “Entrepreneurs in the Airport Market” – Speaker at the Airport Minority Advisory Council (AMAC).
    • “Soul to Sole” (book on the Power of Belief and Authentic Human Connection) – Author.

https://www.linkedin.com/in/jill-wright/Jill Wright

Jill Wright
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