LIFT Your Story with Erwin Wils Mindset Coach and Business Strategist

“Change your language, change your life” says Erwin.  Roy and LaurieAnn learned about simple language changes, starting with the word “but”.  He explains that this diminishes everything that you said before.  He suggests using “and”.  He provides examples of this in our Podcast.

Just a bit more – learn why saying “I’m proud of you” isn’t as effective as saying “you should be proud of yourself”.

Thank you Erwin!  

You can reach Erwin at www.millionairelifestrategy.com or on LinkedIn at www.linkedin.com/in/erwin-wils

More about Erwin:

After working 20 years in the corporate world, Erwin decided to start his  
own company. After 18 months working as an all-round master  
hypnotherapist, he changed his focus towards coaching and now he  
helps his clients to become the person that achieves their goals and  
beyond. He is specialized in the mindset, because whatever journey  
you want to take, it all starts with the right mindset. Based in the  
Netherlands, Erwin coaches all over the world. He loves to inspire  
people and awaken them, that there is more than they can think of.  

Erwin’s most popular Media Topics 

How we limit ourselves without realizing 
Without realizing, everybody is limiting themselves by the frames  
they put themselves in. When you want to grow, you have to look  
past those frames. First step is become aware of the frames and  
Erwin has a very simple 3 steps test to become aware of that. And  
he has much more to offer with regards to the mindset.  

Change your language, transform your life
For most people, language is just a tool to express themselves. But  
language is much more, it can actually change your mindset,  
behaviour and even transform your life in a positive way when you  
start using different words. Erwin has some great examples how  
everybody can change their lives with little tweaks of their language. 

 “When there’s a Wils, a better way will be”.

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